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Trip in the Way Way Back - Medical Marijuana and NFL Concussions



From the original blog, found here: https://dumbbellsanddragons.com/877/ Like many of us, I spent the last two weekends watching football. It was exciting, surprising, and, above all, entertaining. I followed the games along with my fantasy stats, cheered when my players scored, cursed when my opponents did. Then the injuries happened. Tony Romo out with a fractured clavicle, Alshon Jeffrey with a hurt hammy. And Luke Kuechly with a concussion. These days, it seems at least one player all 32 teams is going through the “concussion protocol,” a series of tests to protect players’ health. There are many sides to this debate, whether the onus is on the players or league to protect the players’ health. In a time where former NFL player Chris Borland retired after a single year citing the health risks as his reason. He had a bright future and could have made a lot of money as an NFL player. He chose his health. In a recent study, 76 of 79 deceased players’ brains were shown to have some sort of degenerative disea