Dumbbells & Dragons

Special Announcement!!



Dragons! I'm back with a new episode! It's a short one and a brief update about what's been going on behind the scenes at DB&D. WorkOutNerdOut! Also, if you are thinking about starting your own podcast cast, check out their hosting services at pinecast.com. If you would like to contact me, send an email to ken@dumbbellsanddragon.com. You can also follow the show on Facebook at Dumbbells And Dragons. Follow us on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr at @DumbbellsDragon. As always, thank you to Assorted Intricacies for our theme song, Roll A D6, and you can find links to their music here. Send us your feedback online: https://pinecast.com/feedback/dumbbells--dragons/7f41f0bc-1c22-4e66-88bf-e1546eb8c34d This podcast is powered by Pinecast.