Edward Taubman M.d. Olney Md

Welcome to Dr. Taubman’s Podcast Episode 2: Hereditary Colon Cancer



Are  you at high risk for colon cancer? This podcast is for patients and families who would like to understand more about the known hereditary causes of colon cancer and the role of genetic counseling and testing. Topics covered include: The role of genetics in causing colon cancer The hereditary colon and uterine cancer connection What is Lynch Syndrome and how do we screen for it Dr. Taubman is a is a local expert on the hereditary aspects of cancer. He is a graduate of the City of Hope Program in Cancer Genetics and a member of the Fischer Center for Familial Cancer Research at Lombardi Cancer Center and sees patients in consultation who may be at high risk for hereditary cancers. Questions, suggestions or comments about our podcasts?  E-mail us at olneymywellness@olneymedical.com