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What Are You Reading?



  I have over 50 books on my reading list and counting, and below are some of them. If you've read any or are currently reading them, let me know in the comments and maybe, if you're interested, we can figure out how to talk about them together in depth on future episodes. As a "Professional Reader" for NetGalley and Blogging for Books, I get access to almost any book I want to read in every genre in exchange for writing an honest review. I love this exchange because I enjoy reading and don't always make the time. Knowing that I have to write a review keeps me accountable.   Most of my books I read through Kindle, but it is nice to actually have pages to turn every now and again. What are you reading that you think I may be interested in? Let me know in the comments! By purchasing through these links you consent to feeding my book habit aka, I'll make money in the form of an Amazon gift card that I will be spending on more books! Thank you for enabling your support!  *These books are review copies th