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What The Health Review: This Episode is Brought to You By The Letter C



  This episode is supported by Thrive Market. Thrive Market takes the hassle out of healthy living so that organic food and natural products are accessible to everyone. It offers organic, nutritious foods and nontoxic home and personal care essentials at discounted prices—all delivered right to your door.  Become a member of Thrive Market today by clicking here. I finally sat down to watch What the Health and the main thing I have to say about it is:  I'm sick of these food and health documentaries. I'm sick of the intentional misinformation or cherry picking of facts. I'm sick of them counting on the viewer taking what they say at face value and not doing their own research to verify and confirm the so-called facts. I'm sick of them interviewing black, brown, poor, and sick people without addressing their own implicit bias or intersectionality of the single issue they're so passionate about. I'm sick of all the revisionist history of human evolution. I'm sick of the moral superiority. I'm sick of them n