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E43: Jessica Flanigan- Love Is the Medicine



Jessica Flanigan, CEO, Founder, Teacher, Nutritionist, Counselor, Student, Mother, and Author of The Loving Diet, talks with Tami about the reality of living LOVED and being the one doing the loving.  More you will see in this conversation: AutoImmune Protocol What is Hashimoto’s? ACES: Adverse Childhood Experiences The microbiome Ubiome : Use the code CRUMBS for a discount on a kit. Doctor’s Data testing Genova Diagnostics tests Dr. Grace Liu at the Gut Institute Self Hacked Some great quotes to think about: “Am I having a loving thought?” “The path to healing is not the road to Pleasantville” “Be vulnerable enough to love the hard things” “Is this a model of healing that comes from fear and lack or does it come from abundance and richness?” Where to find Jessica and more information: Facebook: Autoimmune Protocol Diet Instagram: @aiplifestyle Twitter: @AIPlifestyle Website: Credits: Today’s blessing was Blessing that