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Why Your Teen Does Stupid Things [004]



Teens do stupid things sometimes. I'm sure you can recall moments when you screwed up.  Today I find myself on the flip side of my stupid moments, watching in horror at times when my teen decides to do something stupid. In the past, I would roll my eyes at myself until I read Michelle Icard's book, Middle School Makeover.  She's a parent too and hailed as an expert, though she brushes that idea to the side. Today I am interviewing Michelle about teen brain development and how we can keep our cool when our teens make poor choices. Be sure to head over to the website to connect with Michelle. http://mathformiddles.com/episode4   Does your teen make strange choices around school?  It's time for a neutral party to step in.  Consider hiring a qualified tutor to help your child gain the confidence and organization skills necessary to be a successful student.  Connect with one of our preferred tutors at:  mathformiddles.com/tutoring    If you enjoyed today's episode, please leave me a review on iTunes or Google Play