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Could Virtual Public School Be the Right Fit for Your Teen? [008]



School doesn't always go as we had imagined for our kids. Social problems, not being challenged or the opposite, too much challenging work--many reasons to be frustrated with the traditional school experience. Many parents start to get curious about the online K-12 public schools as an option to homeschooling their children. Often it feels overwhelming to think about taking the role of educator in addition to parenting. For many families, it has been a game changer for their children. Could online public school be the solution to some of your issues with the traditional public school setting? Listen in as I interview two very different mothers of teenagers as they share their journey with the online public school. Plus get the scoop from a middle school student what school is like online. We'll cover things you need to consider like: Child's Temperament Parent's Temperament Socializing School Curriculum Dual Enrollment Scheduling/Planning Online School Would you like help with your child's math?  We can hel