Cliffs Notes

039 - The Mark Mason Sessions - Session 05



This is session 05 of The Mark Mason Sessions. In this month's conversation, Mark came away with the following insights: Mark gained clarity on how his values and rules impact his progress and success, and that redoing the values exercise more thoroughly could provide greater clarity. Mark gained a greater understanding of the Values/Rules exercise and its overall intent and purpose. Mark understands the need, moving forward, for goals and plans to consider life realities like responsibilities, commitments, energy levels, and margins changing over time. Mark expressed a desire to discuss his experience with cycles of high motivation and productivity followed by seasons of procrastination and low productivity. We did uncover that Mark's bursts of motivation often start at the end of the year when he has more free time, but he had not accounted for how priorities and available time change with the kids’ sporting seasons. One of Mark's top priorit