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#544: View my Monthly & Weekly Chart Trades



View my Monthly & Weekly Chart Trades Podcast: Signup For my Forex Masterclass Find out more about Blueberry Markets – Click Here Find out more about my Online Video Forex Course Book a Call with Andrew or one of his team now Click Here to Watch Prop Firm Masterclass #544: View my Monthly & Weekly Chart Trades In this video: 00:33 – Great feedback about our latest videos. 00:58 – A look at my MN1 and W1 chart trades. 05:00 – GER40 Index trade.   07:23 – Trade through Blueberry Markets. 07:46 – Attend my Masterclass, Prop Firm webinar and book a call with us.     08:40 – Email me directly, like, share and subscribe. In this week's video and podcast, I'm going to share with you two trades that I've taken, one on the monthly chart, one on the weekly chart. One's a reversal, one's a continuation, one's a forex trade, one's a non forex market. Let's get into that and share those trades right now. Hey there, traders! It's Andrew Mitchem here at the Forex Trading Coach for video and podcast number 544. Great f