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038 The Number One Method For Finding And Reaching Your Ideal Clients



In this podcast episode, I interview my dear friend Jessica Rhodes about her podcast guesting service business, Interview Connections, which she started in 2013. Over the past decade, her business has become a powerful entity that helps individuals reach their ideal clients and expand their audience. Listen in to learn valuable tips on how to make a strong impact when given the opportunity to be a guest on other people's podcasts. Hear are just a few of the key insights from this episode Appearing as a guest on other podcasts has proven to be the most effective method for reaching your ideal clients and exposing your message to a large audience. Over the past decade, I have referred numerous clients to Interview Connections and have received entirely positive feedback. The importance of thorough preparation for podcast interviews cannot be overstated. This includes researching the host and having a clear call to action. Having a clear call to action is important, but possessing unwavering confidence in