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#539: Forex Trading’s Preflight Check: Building Your Plan



Forex Trading's Preflight Check: Building Your Plan  Podcast: Signup For my Forex Masterclass Find out more about Blueberry Markets – Click Here Find out more about my Online Video Forex Course Book a Call with Andrew or one of his team now Click Here to Watch Prop Firm Masterclass #539:Forex Trading's Preflight Check: Building Your Plan In this video: 00:34 – Heading off for a flight and carrying out my checks. 02:01 – You need a trading plan. 03:00 – Put in the time to ensure a good outcome with your trading. 03:45 – The market does not have even trading conditions. 04:42 – Trade through Blueberry Markets. 05:06 – Attend my Masterclass, Prop Firm webinar and book a call with us. Today, I'm going to discuss the importance of learning to plan properly, planning your training, See now exactly what you're doing, whether you're flying a helicopter like behind me here, or if you're trading the forex market, you have to plan properly. Otherwise, you plan to fail. Let's get into that a more right that. Hey the