Cliffs Notes

034 - The Mark Mason Sessions - Session 01



I'm thrilled to announce a new "series" of content within the Cliff's Notes on Profitable Coaching Podcast. This is the first of twelve of The Mark Mason Sessions. In this series, I will coach business leader and internet marketing expert Mark Mason, one-on-one, and you'll get to hear every detail of each of these twelve sessions. Over the course of the year, I will work closely with Mark to help him launch his new coaching business through proven methods of attracting and serving high-quality clients. Listeners will gain invaluable insights as they witness Mark's transformation through these sessions. Each episode in this series will provide a real-world example of how the prosperous coach method creates results, serving as both inspiration and practical education for anyone looking to build a successful coaching practice. Mark's journey is sure to offer profound lessons that can be applied immediately. If you want to hire Mark Mason as your coach, email him before his only two coaching slots are taken.