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031 - From Probation Officer to Life Coach: Edwin's Transformation Journey



I'm thrilled to welcome Edwin Soler to the show today! Edwin dedicated 27 years of his life to helping others as a probation officer, where he made a profound impact guiding thousands of clients. Now, he's courageously stepping into a new season and harnessing his gifts to become a full-time coach, speaker, and author. While this transition hasn't been easy, Edwin is determined to own his value and share his story. Today, we'll dig into how we can strengthen his mindset, gain clarity on next steps, and put together an actionable game plan. Edwin is eager to fully own his potential - so let's give him our full support as he moves boldly into this next chapter! If you would like to experience one of these complimentary full blown 90-minute one-on-one coaching experiences with me, send me an email at and put "Live Stream Coaching" in the subject line.