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910. Discovering Your True Happiness: Four Ways to Multiply Happiness For You - Starting Now



In this episode of The Kelly Roach Show, Kelly explores four ways to multiply happiness for you, starting now and why happiness is always in moments and the magic of presence. Happiness is the driving force behind almost everything we do, yet most people have no idea what actually makes them happy. The first step in multiplying your happiness is getting clear on what actually brings you happiness. The second way is reclaiming your calendar and making sure that your calendar matches your happiness roadmap. The third is developing a practice of savoring and amplifying the moments that bring you joy. Lastly, taking care of yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually is crucial to happiness. Also in this episode: How to multiply your happiness The importance of truly knowing yourself Happiness is always in moments Understanding your calendar How you can become an inevitable millionaire by modeling and delivering every week. The lack of intentionality in our lives You and only you are responsible for multip