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909. The Biggest Mistakes And Hardest Lessons Kelly Learned When Scaling Her Business To 8 Figures



On today's episode of The Kelly Roach Show, Kelly talks about the mistakes made and lessons she learned while scaling her business to 8 figures. As a seasoned business coach and consultant, Kelly knows entrepreneurs and business owners should not avoid growth out of fear because the tough lessons and hurdles that they have to overcome will be the things that make them the ultimate masterpiece. Kelly shares the lessons she learned from her own mistakes and how she implemented changes to achieve success. By sharing her war stories, Kelly hopes to make your journey easier and make a difference for you so you can start living your life. Also in this episode:  Identify which relationships are adding value to your life and which ones aren't Opportunities can come from unexpected sources and in unexpected ways when you have a track record of success. Business is more than just a revenue number You really know someone until they pass the stress test Stay Connected With Kelly:  Follow Kelly on Instagram | LinkedIn |