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905. What To Do When Your Business Plateaus At The One Million Dollar Mark



In today's episode of The Kelly Roach Show, Kelly talks about why many businesses plateau at the one million dollar mark and how you can scale your business beyond. Often the issue with scaling PAST $1 million in revenue is NOT about strategy or effort, but has to do with some shifts that need to be made in terms of mindset, role, and focus. Today on the show, Kelly breaks down how to break past the plateau and continue scaling.  Also in this episode: The importance of maintaining a flexible mindset The importance of learning to be a great leader and manager The critical components of what is truly required to build freedom as a CEO An assessment of risk vs. reward when it comes to team building   Stay Connected With Kelly:  Follow Kelly on Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Youtube | Kellyroachcoaching.com  Grab one of Kelly's bestselling books: Unstoppable: 9 Principles for Unlimited Success in Business and Life Conviction Marketing Bigger than You: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building an Unsto