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Security on CAN bus with Ken Tindell



In this episode, we will learn so much about embedded CAN bus, for automobile security and performance straight from the water host, Ken Tindell the CTO of Canis Labs. A lot of interesting facts about cyber security and automobile hacking that you would not want to miss! Watch through the end and make sure to check the additional resources below. Watch this episode Get Your First Month of Altium Designer® for FREE Show Highlights: Ken Tindell’s background and how he got started with CAN bus and CAN security Ken worked with Motorola on designing the MS CAN—the first CAN controller that did all the buffer scheduling correctly Ethernet and CAN coexist in autonomous vehicles’ architecture, Ken explains how There are two types of major attacks on the CAN bus: attacking the physical wiring and attacking the computer that has access to the wiring. Zac and Ken talk about the mind-blowing advanced techniques of hacking automobiles Story of irony. A friend of Ken in automobile cybersecurity had his car stolen The bigge