Peter King, The Mmqb Podcast

Michael Bennett, DE Seattle Seahawks, and Vince Wilfork, NT Houston Texans



Michael Bennett, DE for the Seattle Seahawks and Vince Wilfork, NT for the Houston Texans, sit down for a conversation with Peter King In this episode, Michael Bennett jumps from football and right to politics and his thoughts on this year’s Presidential Election and what he believes really makes America great. Bennett talks about sticking to his morals and keeping his integrity when fans and society want him to act a certain way. Bennett explains his endeavor to travel and explore the world and why he makes his home in Hawaii. Bennett also shares his thoughts on the player’s union, player’s responsibilities and how to strengthen the association. Bennett also tell Peter how he really feels about a sack! Vince Wilfork talks to Peter King about Bill Belichick and how feels about him after not being re-signed. Wilfork discusses why Tom Brady is one of his all-time teammates. The conversation also turns to the big game being in Houston this year.