Peter King, The Mmqb Podcast

Steve Smith, WR Baltimore Ravens and Ron Jaworski, ESPN Analyst



In this week’s episode, Peter King talks to Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. and former NFL quarterback and ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski. Smith, a renowned trash-talker, opens up about his reputation as a player people love to hate. Every hero needs a villain, and he’s just fine with playing that role. Now in his 16th season, Smith explains how he’s lasted so long in the NFL. How many other active players can say they have a son in college? Smith also discusses how he developed his aggressive and physical playing style and why he decided to return for another year after announcing last year that he would retire following the 2015 season. Jaworski, a former Philadelphia quarterback himself, discusses Eagles rookie Carson Wentz’ toughness and explains why he is just the type of quarterback Eagles fans want. Jaworski reflects on Wentz’ pro day at North Dakota State and what he saw from the young quarterback that day that made him believe in his NFL potential. Jaworski also compares the mechanics of W