Peter King, The Mmqb Podcast

Drew Brees, QB New Orleans Saints and Doug Baldwin, WR Seattle Seahawks



In this week's episode, Peter King talks New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Seattle Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin. Brees opens up about the Saints' Bountygate scandal that led to his distrust of all NFL investigations. He talks about what he learned from attempting to play through a concussion and explains why players need other people looking out for their health during the game. He also discusses whether it is more important to break records or win championships. Baldwin explains how exactly he uses criticism as fuel for his game and argues that the mental side of the game is much more important than the physical side. Baldwin is one of many NFL players across the league participating in anthem demonstrations and he says that the protests aren't going to go away anytime soon. He talks about conversations with his father, a retired police officer, about how to improve police training.