Cliffs Notes

029 - When They Ask For STRATEGY, First Check Their STATE and STORY



Several years ago, I realized that my brand, Podcast Answer Man, wasn't fully reflecting the guidance I was providing to those seeking strategies, tools and techniques to [fill in the blank]. That's why I decided to evolve my brand to Mindset Answer Man - to provide a better indication of the kind of advice I was giving. As the result of working with so many people, I began to recognize patterns between those who were successful in achieving their podcasting goals and those who were not. What I found was that despite having helped many people launch their podcasts, many of them had built their podcasting efforts on a shaky foundation, leaving them unable to experience the full potential of podcasting. In this episode, I explore how important the order of operations of STATE, STORY, and STRATEGY is to creating the most successful outcomes.   Are you looking to drive growth and increase the visibility of your business? I am a Master Business Coach, Mentor & Speaker.   I have over fi