What Fruit Is It ?

As you turn the pages the macro photographs of the fruit zooms out until you get the answer

Naturally Artificial

A visual adventure that mixes unusual portraits of Brazilian fauna and the world, depicting details, textures, and surreal sceneries from delicate to grotesque.Photographed over...

What Animal Is It? Vol. 2

With each turn of the page, a shadow of an animal pops up like magic on a new landscape.Landscape and scenery photographed in Brazil in the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Paraiba, Rio...

The Adventures Of Bumbo: The Elephant

During a thunderstorm, a very special lightning stroked over him. He become much stronger, extremely maleable, invisible to most humans, allowing Bumbo to jump, explore and fly...

What's Missing? Brain Exercises

Details disappear from the scene when you click, But reappears like magic when you click again

Z1: Zoom

A visual adventure, turning each page, new worlds are revealed, mixing tropical environments, textures, colors, insects and Brazilian landscapes.

Dear Mutts: Dogs Of Unknown Ancestry

Mutts photographed in various states of Brazil, in their habitats

Ace In The Hole: Adventures Of A Naughty Black Cat

A black cat jumps in Brazilian landscapes. He is always bothered, touch the screen and it will appear like magic.

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