Book Publishing Success

Book Publisher Bryan Heathman shares insight for authors and speakers from his experience as President of Made for Success Publishing. Co-Host Mark Bowser is an experienced...

Pride and Publishing

The air crackles with anticipation in scenic Lighthouse Bay, Massachusetts, when best-selling author Camilla Courtenay breezes into Castleton Manor to judge the final round of a...

Minorities In Publishing

Bimonthly podcast from Jenn Baker (and guests within the industry) on diversity (or lack thereof) in publishing.

Blue Publishing Podcast

This is the home of Blue Publishings podcast where we talk about all things books.

Indie Publishing Voices

Lilith Duvalier interviews your favorite authors about writing, sex, and love.

Passive Kindle Publishing

The Amazon Kindle marketplace has presented an AMAZING opportunity.Writers, entrepreneurs, independent publishing companies- there are thousands of people making passive income...

Magazine Publishing Podcast

A podcast that explores the world of magazine publishing and where it's headed.Hosted by Joona Nuutinen, Jarkko Laine, and Lauri Laine.

Music Publishing Podcast

Nuts and bolts discussions on the business and practical aspects of being a composer in the 21st century, with host Dennis Tobenski.

Publishing Perks

Publishing Perks is hosted by Michael John Sullivan and produced by Lara Marcus. We follow the publishing world.

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