Abbott and Costello: French Medal

Bud and Lou discuss the string of women Lou has dated, from the one who worked as a bubble girl to his current paramour, who works at a laundromat. A fFenchman interrupts the guys...

Abbott and Costello: Lou Promises His Girlfriend a Job

The boys have just returned from New York. Lou has claimed to be the owner of NBC and has promised to get Lena Genster (say it fast) into the movies.

Abbott and Costello: Featuring Hal Winters (03/03/1949)

Abbott and Costello talk about Uncle Tom in Egypt. Then they talk about Costello's brother Pat. They talk about President Truman. Lou wants a date with Veola Vonn. Veola wants a...

Suspense: John Barbee and Son

A man and his strangely silent son are on the run from the police.

Whitehall 1212: The Fournier Case

A woman's body is found in an old trunk at the Charing Cross railroad station baggage claim. Who killed Mrs. Noami Fornier?

Abbott and Costello: Circus

Costello wants to join the circus. Abbott loses his place in the script.

Abbott and Costello: Night in a Haunted House

Abbott and Costello say next Sunday is Mother's day and talk about what present to get. Lou needs money for a present and Bud asks him to live in a haunted house. Abbott and...

Abbott and Costello: Who's on First Old Time Radio Shows

Costello is going to play baseball with the New York Yankees. This leads to the famous, Who's On First routine.

Suspense: A Friend to Alexander Old Time Radio Shows

The story of a very personal reaction to the Hamilton-Burr duel.Before the Suspense story begins you will hear a CBS World News bulletin from an American wartime correspondent at...

Adventures of Philip Marlowe, The: Name to Remember

Eddie Mallet is being followed by a gorilla in a tee shirt with muscles out-to-here. Marlowe is hired to find out why, but not soon enough to save Eddie. The partner from Mexico...

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