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Miss Fortune

In the third book of The Fancy Lives of the Lear Sisters trilogy, a dreamy, sheltered heiress finds herself thrust into the real world, never imagining that a cold dose of reality...

Fortune & Glory

The Called Shot Podcast is sadly no more, but this is now the home of our new podcast, Fortune & Glory!

Minorities In Publishing

Bimonthly podcast from Jenn Baker (and guests within the industry) on diversity (or lack thereof) in publishing.

Invisible Fortune

This is a story of high-tech vigilante justice. It was inspired by a steamy tropical atmosphere, cold drinks, and lithe, sweaty bodies. It's the story of how the temptation to...

Vain Fortune

He was the son of the Rev. James Price, a Shropshire clergyman. The family was of Welsh extraction, but in Hubert none of the physical characteristics of the Celt appeared. He...

Silver Fortune

Discussion on precious metals, the economy, markets, and so much more!

Low Content Publishing

With this report you will learn how to build a profitable business selling low content books on Amazon. Low content books include journals, calendars, coloring books, planners,...

Blue Publishing Podcast

This is the home of Blue Publishings podcast where we talk about all things books.

Indie Publishing Voices

Lilith Duvalier interviews your favorite authors about writing, sex, and love.

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