Richard II

Richard II tells the dramatic and bloody story of his fall and the ascension of Bolingbroke as Henry IV.

The Tempest

A magical tale of enchantment, retribution and love. Prospero, the rightful Duke of Milan, is betrayed by his brother and exiled to a desert island with his daughter Miranda. With...

Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado is a romantic comedy that revolves around obstacles presented to two young lovers as well as a "merry war" of the sexes.

King Lear

King Lear is one of Shakespeare’s greatest and darkest works. King Lear banishes his favorite daughter when she speaks out against him. However, he does not know that his two...

The Californian's Tale

Deep in the wilderness sits a beautiful rose-clad cabin. It's a delightful stop for a weary traveler - until he learns it's secret.

Color at Forty-Mile Westerns

In Dawson City, Bill Carmody fires two bullets into Cache Swenson, his former partner who had stolen all the gold dust from their claim.The only route for escape is the Yukon...

Was it a Dream? A Tale of Terror

A terribly sad love story. Yet in the end, the truth comes from the grave — literally!

Maybe I'm Amazed The Paul Mccartney Story

Always the most musically commercial of the Beatles, Paul McCartney has been incredibly successful in his post-Beatles life as well. Paul McCartney-Inside the Myth follows the...

Northanger Abbey

Jane Austen skewers the novelistic extremes of her day made popular in many 18th-century Gothic potboilers. Dilapidated castles, locked rooms, inexplicable chests, enigmatic...

Moving On

Abandoned to starve or freeze, young Nell had to be tougher than most men and bolder than most women — otherwise death was certain.

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