The Story of a Crayon It Starts with Wax

How does hot wax become a colorful crayon? First wax is melted. Then a worker adds color. Next the wax is shaped. Soon the wax hardens. Discover all the steps in the process of...

The Story of Peanut Butter It Starts with Peanuts

How does a peanut become creamy peanut butter? A farmer grows peanuts. The sun dries the plants. The peanuts are picked and sorted. Machines remove shells. Follow the process step...

From Leather to Basketball Shoes

How does a roll of leather become a pair of basketball shoes? Follow each step in the process—from cutting the leather to making sure the finished pair is perfect—in this...

How We Clean Up a Park

How do you organize a big project? See how these kids plan to clean up a park.

How I Clean My Room

What's a good process for cleaning up your room? Watch this responsible kid change a bedroom from messy to neat.

From Peanut to Peanut Butter

How does a peanut turn into peanut butter? Follow each step in the food production cycle—from planting peanut seeds to spreading peanut butter on bread—in this fascinating...

What Does a Screwdriver Do?

Curious readers will discover how screwdrivers tighten screws using different kinds of tips. A back matter spread explains how screws are simple machines used to fasten objects...

From Flower to Honey

How is honey made from a flower? Follow each step in nature's cycle—from pretty bloom to tasty treat—in this fascinating book!


What does it mean to migrate? Discover which animals migrate and why they migrate through detailed photographs and simple text.

The Night Sky

Every month a cycle happens in the sky. Read about the patterns of the moon and how it changes throughout each month.

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