Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie is a standout golfer. Learn about her childhood and her rise to becoming a golf superstar.


Toucans fill the rain forests with chatter. Learn all about these colorful birds and their habitats in Toucans.


Copperheads make their dens between rocks and in woodpiles. Read about this patterned predator.

Candace Parker

Candace Parker is a standout basketball star. Learn about her chldhood and her rise to becoming a WNBA superstar.


Piranhas lurk in the Amazon River. Learn all about these sharp-toothed fish and their habitats in Piranhas.

Tamarin Monkeys

Known for their wild hair, tamarin monkeys are an at-risk member of the monkey family. From food to homes to behavior, learn the facts on these endangered primates.

Garter Snakes

Found throughout the United States, a garter snake may be lurking nearby! Read about these common creepers.


Capybaras are at home on land and in the water. Learn about these round-bodied rodents and their habitats in Capybaras.


Rattlesnakes distract prey with a shake of their tails. Read about these fanged hunters.

Spider Monkeys

Long-limbed spider monkeys are noisy members of the monkey family. From food to homes to behaviors, learn the facts on these tree-swinging primates.

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