Jane Goodall Animal Scientist

Tells the life story of animal scientist, Jane Goodall. Written in graphic-novel format.

Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine

Tells the story of Jonas Salk's involvement in the development of a polio vaccine. Written in graphic-novel format.

Michael Jackson Ultimate Music Legend

Michael Jackson's journey to fame began in 1966 at age eight, when he started singing with his brothers in the Jackson 5. In the early 1970s, he launched a solo career,...

The Earth-Shaking Facts about Earthquakes with Max Axiom, Super Scientist

Follows the adventures of Max Axiom as he explains the science behind earthquakes. Written in graphic-novel format.

The 1918 Flu Pandemic

Tells the story of the 1918 outbreak of a mysterious influenza virus that killed millions of people worldwide, making it the deadliest pandemic in history. Written in...

Madam C. J. Walker and New Cosmetics

Tells the story of Madam C. J. Walker, who invented a line of African American hair products and cosmetics that her to become the first self-made female millionaire of any race....

The Whirlwind World of Hurricanes with Max Axiom, Super Scientist

In graphic novel format, follows the adventures of Max Axiom as he explores the science and history behind hurricanes.