History Revealed: Billy the Kid the Young Gun Episode 37

His lawless days only lasted four years, but he is still remembered as perhaps the most notorious outlaw of the Wild West.

History Revealed: Harriet Tubman: Moses of her People Episode 27

The Underground Railroad saved thousands from the hell of slavery but one name will always stand out as the symbol of courage selflessness and freedom.

History Revealed: The History Makers: Emmeline Pankhurst Episode 67

The prominent British suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst faced derision, beatings and prison, all to win women the right to vote, as Jonny Wilkes explains

History Revealed: Anne Queen of Broken Hearts Episode 15

The last of the Stuarts is hardly England’s most famous or successful Queen, but she endured hardship and despair few could imagine

History Revealed: Emperor Nero Tyrant of Rome Episode 38

He became the most powerful man in the world, used the resources of the mighty Roman Empire for his own indulgences and no one could stop him.

History Revealed: Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight Episode 4

For all of Ali's classic bouts inside the ring the champion's most iconic victory came outside of it.