Short Stories By Anton Chekhov: The Bet And Other Stories

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This volume of Chekhov stories offers a unique selection each touching upon fundamentally important subjects such as the purpose and value of life, what it takes to be human, eternal life and higher objectives of human life, happiness, guilt and romance. Through the eyes of Chekhov's characters we see Chekhov's own views on life. These profound wisdoms shine so bright that we can consider them a guiding star of life itself. In The Bet we meet a young man who trades fifteen years of his life for two million. He leaves his notes and shares with us his thoughts and conclusions of this bet. In the Death of a Government Clerk we discover how words and misunderstanding can kill, literally. And in the Black Monk we go on a journey of self discovery, we meet a bight man of learning who offers an insight into the world of ideas, intellectual advancement, and what this can mean for everyday life.