Stiff Them! Your Guide to Paying Zero Dollars to the IRS, Student Loans, Credit Cards, Medical Bills and More

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Stiff Them! is a practical guide to paying zero dollars on your student loans, credit cards, medical debts, and other financial obligations. Listen to this audiobook before you make another minimum payment or communicate with any debt collectors.

It is your cure for "wrongful spending" and for "wrongful lending!" Are you, or someone you love, burdened by debts that seem impossible to pay off? Do you struggle to make minimum payments on credit cards? Did you borrow a small fortune to pay for college? Is your FICO score underwater, making credit too expensive or impossible to get? Is the IRS hounding you for back taxes that are now bloated with interest and penalties? Are you paying off mountains of medical debt because your insurance was inadequate or nonexistent? Does it seem you'll never get a mortgage? Are you tired of forking over all of your income for purchases that have lost their sheen and for services that were overpriced to begin with? Are bill collectors badgering you, day after day? Then this book is for you.

Stiff Them! helps you to negotiate your way out of debt, irrespective of its source. You'll learn the truth about bankruptcy, and why for many it should be used first, and not last; how it may be the fastest way out of debt and the smoothest way to get new credit. You'll learn how handling your own tax resolution and debt resolution can save you big money. When you seek professional help, you'll learn to do it smartly.