The Confession

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In this dramatic sequel to the best-selling inspirational romance The Shunning, Beverly Lewis spins a tale of love, reconciliation, and faith. Lewis, the author of over 40 books, captures the power of Old Order Amish beliefs and the excitement of a family quest in The Confession.

Because she has disobeyed church rules, Katie Lapp is now Katherine Mayfield. Expelled from her strict Amish home, she sets out to find Laura Mayfield, the birth mother she has never known. But even as Katherine draws near to Laura, evil plans in the works to tear away their happiness and their inheritance. Can Katherine reach her mother in time? As Katherine struggles to keep her faith and communicate with her mother, narrator Barbara Caruso's performance captures the young woman's doubts, fears, and growing courage. By the conclusion of this inspiring story, Katherine is beginning a promising new chapter of her life.


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