NPR Sound Treks: Animals Unforgettable Encounters in the Wild

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From rainforests to deserts, mountains to plains, the sea to the sky, animals raise their voices in an eclectic and thrilling chorus. This collection celebrates the unique calls of the keel-billed toucan, Guatemalan coatimundi, hammerhead bat, Central African elephant, urban katydid, and many more intriguing creatures whose sounds we seldom hear.

The NPR Sound Treks series features outstanding audio documentaries, stories, and commentary from the NPR archives. Each volume features sounds from nature, insights from experts and others who love the outdoor experience (naturalists, zoologists, biologists, adventurers, even a cowgirl), and vivid storytelling that captures the excitement of the wilderness.


  • Introduction by Jon Hamilton
  • Holy Baboon! A “Mystical” Moment In Africa
  • Radio Gift: John Nielsen and Wild Animals
  • Decoding The Hyena’s Laugh
  • Alpha Bison: The Quieter Bellow Wins the Females
  • Making “Living With Lions” Practical in Kenya
  • Otterly Adorable, But Born to be Wild
  • Recording Story Rattles Producer
  • Close Encounters with the Adirondack Black Bear
  • Hear Them Roar: Noisy New World Monkeys
  • What Wildlife Lurks in Central Park By Night?Slo-Mo Cricket Chirps Reveal Secret Serenades
  • Sounds Give Researchers Clues to Elephants
  • Chasing After the Elusive Narwhal

  • Chapters