Reading the Sermon on the Mount with John Stott

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The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus' most inspiring and challenging description of the Christian counterculture. John Stott's teaching on this timeless text shows how its value system, ethical standard, religious devotion, and network of relationships clearly distinguish it from both the nominal church and the secular world.

In this volume, Stott's The Message of the Sermon on the Mount is condensed into brief readings, suitable for daily use, that take us passage by passage through the Scripture text. Including eight weekly studies for individuals or groups, this book covering Matthew 5-7 allows listeners to enjoy the riches of Stott's writings in a new, easy-to-understand format.

John Stott was one of the most beloved and masterful Bible teachers of the last 50 years. His books have sold in the millions. Christians on every continent have heard and read his instructive and inspiring expositions of Scripture.

The books in the Reading the Bible with John Stott series condense the essential message of Stott's teaching, largely drawn from his Bible Speaks Today volumes, and present it in a format suitable for daily listening. Questions at the end of each section make these books even more useful for individuals or groups.

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