NPR Road Trips: Postcards from Around the Globe Stories That Take You Away . . .

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With generous splashes of popular culture and human interest, the NPR Road Trips series introduces you not only to far-off locations and unusual destinations, but to the people who inhabit them—and seek them out. Each story focuses on real locations, real people, and real history in the thought-provoking, imaginative and entertaining way you’ve come to expect from NPR.

Meet Colin Angus and Julie Wafael, who spent two years circumnavigating the globe using their hands and feet. Turn on the radio in Katmandu and hear music from the 70s. Learn how robot jockeys are solving a human rights problem in Dubai. (It has to do with camel races.) Get ready for carnival in Rio. And walk through old Beijing before it’s demolished for high-rise development.

NPR has correspondents all over the world. As listeners learn, most meet with friendliness and hospitality, even in the most out-of-the-way places.


  • “Adventurers Cross the Globe by Foot and Hand ”
  • “1970s Nostalgia Thrives in Katmandu”
  • “Robot Jockeys Give Camel Racing a Modern Twist”
  • “Listener Sends ‘Postcard’ from Rio’s Carnival”
  • “A Walk Through Beijing’s Vanishing Hutongs”
    And more.

  • Chapters