The Enchanted Love Workshop

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On February 17-19, 2012, Marianne Williamson taught an intensive workshop on romantic relationships in Los Angeles, California. The workshop was valuable for women and men, singles and couples, gays and straights. Whether you're looking to attract a relationship or seeking to deepen one that you're already in, this audio workshop will provide you with valuable spiritual, psychological, and emotional insight into the nature and practice of true love. This workshop encompasses spiritual inquiries such as: How do we prepare ourselves for love? What deeper forces foster a powerful romantic relationship? What part does the masculine/feminine dynamic play in understanding romantic relationships? What is true intimacy and how is it achieved? How can a romantic relationship become a portal to spiritual growth? This audio program offers a rare opportunity to experience one of the most significant and tender issues in our lives with one of the most profound teachers of our time. "Bring to me your yearning, for I am big enough to meet you there. I bring with me a spirit who will dwell with us forever. It will make our love an enchanted place, and we will become who we truly are."