Blue Clashing Colors #4

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Logan MacKay's sexy Scottish accent can drop panties on both sides of the pond. But he's a shy tech-savvy introvert. Complicated.

Logan's confident and flirtatious hiding behind his phone, but gloomy and withdrawn in the flesh. And that compelling stranger he laughs with on the phone? Mary? It's me. But to Logan, I'm Faith. The vivacious cheerleader who sheds unwelcome light on his dark and debilitating anxiety when exposed to beautiful women.

And I don't want a relationship with him. No. Damn. Way. I just want to help him get past his ridiculous and unfounded beliefs about the opposite sex. You see, Logan MacKay has scars. Physical and emotional marks that he thinks make him undesirable. But he's not. Not by a long shot.

Damaged people like Logan inspired me to enter the mental health field. He's one reason I'm studying to become a psychologist. With my eternal optimism I can fix Logan. I know I can. If only he would stop scowling at me and say yes to my brilliant idea of taking me in as his roommate.

Contains mature themes.


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