The Blow Out The National Crime Agency Series

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A silent murder. A kidnapped child. A race against time to catch a killer.

It was the perfect crime: a murder from afar, the culprit escaping hours before drug lord Ronnie O'Neill breathed his last. Now a rival gang leader's daughter has been kidnapped and the race is on to find a silent killer and a missing schoolgirl before more blood is spilt.

Senior Investigator Jo Stuart is tasked with finding the perpetrator, but when another body turns up that is seemingly unrelated to O'Neill it throws all her theories into the air, leading Jo to wonder if there's more to the case than meets the eye.

How could the killer commit a murder hours before the victim died? With a child's life on the line and a murderer who shows no sign of stopping, Jo and her team are running out of time. Silence has never been more deadly.


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