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Initially banned in France by King Louis, Molière's celebrated social satire Tartuffe exposes false piety and hypocrisy in the Catholic Church.

When a pious fraud worms his way into a wealthy family and manipulates the patriarch into giving up his fortune, it’s up to his family to expose the truth before they end up in the poorhouse!

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance starring:

  • Brian Bedford as Tartuffe
  • JB Blanc as M. Loyal and Officer
  • Daniel Blinkoff as Damis
  • Gia Carides as Dorine
  • Jane Carr as Mme. Pernelle
  • John de Lancie as Cleante
  • Martin Jarvis as Orgon
  • Alex Kingston as Elmire
  • Matthew Rhys as Valere
  • Sarah Zimmerman as Mariane

Translated by Richard Wilbur. Directed by Dakin Matthews. Recorded at The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood in June, 2010.

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