Winter Garden

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"Exquisitely written and brimming with emotion."
-Julia Quinn

"Adele Ashworth is certain to become one of romance's most beloved writers."
-Lisa Kleypas

Adele Ashworth's Winter Garden is a stunning historical romance classic reborn. The story of a beautiful French woman, a spy for the British government, partnered with a breathtaking, intensely passionate man of mystery on perilous assignment in the south of England, Winter Garden is an early gem from RITA® Award winner Ashworth. A wonderfully creative love story filled with unforgettable characters and brimming with palpable sexual tension, Winter Garden is the romantic destination where true romance lovers-especially Ashworth's many fans and admirers of the novels of Cathy Maxwell, Christina Dodd, and Lisa Kleypas-are going to want to spend quality time.


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