Lisa's Lessons A Collection of Four Erotic Stories

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A collection of four erotic stories with mixed and varied themes.

'Lisa’s Lessons' by Izzy French
Mum has just come to terms with her gay son’s first boyfriend, when she discovered the boyfriend’s not gay after all. Just very patient and very, very horny.

'When Penny Met Daniel' by Judith Roycroft
When Penny finds she’s time traveled a century into the future, she makes up her mind to have some fun. The only problem is, the kind of fun she fancies has been banned. What is a modern girl supposed to do now?

'Whack!' By Ivana Chopski
Amanda promises Brian a night to remember, with a big surprise at the end of it. And she delivers.

'Office Crush' by Sadie Wolf
Julie gets the hots for the office grump, a guy who everybody agrees has something seriously wrong with his attitude. But she’ll find a way through his defenses if it’s the last thing she does.