Steampunk! An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories

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Imagine an alternate universe where romance and technology reign. Where tinkerers and dreamers craft and recraft a world of automatons, ornate clockworks, calculating machines, and other marvels that never were. Where scientists and schoolgirls, fair folk and Romans, intergalactic bandits, Utopian revolutionaries, and intrepid orphans-decked out in corsets, clockwerk suits, and tall black boots-solve dastardly crimes, escape from monstrous predicaments, consult oracles, and hover over volcanoes in steam-powered airships.

Here, in the first major steampunk anthology for young adults, fourteen masters of speculative fiction, including two graphic storytellers, embrace the genre's established blend of sci-fi and fantasy, action and adventure, history and romance, and refashion it in surprising ways and in settings as diverse as Canada, New Zealand, Appalachia, Wales, ancient Rome, future Australia, and alternate California.

Visionaries Link and Grant have invited all-new interpretations, explorations, and expansions, taking a genre already rich, strange, and inventive in the extreme and challenging contributors to remake it from the ground up. The result is an anthology that defies even as it defines the genre.


  • Chapter 0

    Duration: 04min
  • Chapter 1 Part 1

    Duration: 32min
  • Chapter 2 Part 1

    Duration: 01h13min
  • Chapter 3 Part 1

    Duration: 01h13min
  • Chapter 4 Part 1

    Duration: 01h16min
  • Chapter 5 Part 1

    Duration: 01h11min
  • Chapter 6 Part 1

    Duration: 01h09min
  • Chapter 7 Part 1

    Duration: 01h23min
  • Chapter 8 Part 1

    Duration: 28min
  • Chapter 9 Part 1

    Duration: 41min
  • Chapter 10 Part 1

    Duration: 01h19min
  • Chapter 11 Part 1

    Duration: 47min
  • Chapter 12 Part 1

    Duration: 01h22min
  • Chapter 13 Part 2

    Duration: 03min