Connecting with Coincidence The New Science for Using Synchronicity and Serendipity in Your Life

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We've all experienced or heard of surprising events and unexplainable coincidences?money that seems to come from nowhere, a spontaneous idea that turns into a life-changing solution, meeting our soulmate on a flight we weren't supposed to take, or families being reunited by "accident" after years of separation.

Often these coincidences are explained as being controlled by a higher power or pure chance. But for the first time since Carl Jung's work, comes bold new research that explains scientifically how we can identify, understand, and perhaps even control the frequency of coincidences in our everyday lives.

Bernard Beitman, a leading expert on Coincidence Studies, proposes a greater personal responsibility which depends partly upon newly discovered "grid cells" located in the brain, near the hippocampus. But neuroscience cannot complete the entire puzzle, and in this fascinating guide, Beitman provides the missing piece. From analyzing true stories of synchronicity from around the globe and throughout history, he shares key personality characteristics and situational factors that contribute to the occurrence of meaningful coincidences in our lives. Where other books on coincidences tend to be theoretical, inspirational, or story collections only, Beitman's book is the first to provide a scientific understanding and practical ways in which readers can use them in their own lives. He reveals:

• How to activate your observing self so you don't miss synchronistic moments
• How serendipity can offer insights into solving problems or making difficult decisions
• Why stress activates meaningful coincidences
• Which states of mind impede our ability to experience synchronicity
• How to interpret the meaning of a coincidence
• Why being attuned to coincidences is a learned skill?and how to hone your sensitivity.