Conflict Resolution Let It Be As You Say & Building Bridges

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Conflict Resolution builds on positive approaches to support other people and build bridges to reach a satisfactory solution for all parties. This audiobook encourages you to accept conflict as a normal part of everyone's life, so you can move on productively to deal with it, rather than get depressed by the presence of conflict in your life and work. The author employs Justice William Douglas's thoughts as a platform for conflict resolution: "A good agreement can be either mutually satisfactory or unsatisfactory. The key is that all parties share equally in those beliefs and feelings."

The approach involves calmly and dispassionately discussing the pros, cons, and interesting points about a problem, such as Edward DeBono suggests in his landmark book about PMI (Plus, Minus, and Interesting Point) Thinking. This audiobook builds on the experience of our author in writing and narrating Sell Anything, Negotiate Anything, Finance Anything, and the Legal Survival Kit to present the best approaches to resolving conflicts to your advantage, including personal, family, job, and organizational ones. The approach is intended to help people analyze their options, get them focused on what is best for them and everyone else, and then move to a mutually satisfactory or unsatisfactory conclusion.

The audiobook uses the Middle East Conflict as a subject to practice and use your new skills on, emphasizing that you should not take sides but rather develop and present the best options for the parties, leaving it up to them to decide what to do. Your practice in developing options dispassionately on this kind of subject will help you do so with others when you are involved directly or indirectly.