Plan for Success: How to Plan Your Next Speech How to Plan a Speech in Order to Achieve Your Goals and Delight Your Audience

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As public speakers, the one thing that we all want to be able to learn to do better is to improve how we speak. The key to doing this successfully is to learn how to plan our next speech.

The good news is that planning a speech is actually fairly simple. The first step in making this happen is to understand that the clothes that you wear when you speak will tell your audience a story.

What You'll Find Inside:

  • How to Rig a Speech to Get the Outcome You Want Every Time
  • Public Speakers Want to Know: Are Handouts Your Friend or Foe?
  • Ways to plan an effective speech
  • Speaker: You are what you wear

In order to make sure that your next speech goes well, you need to take action before your speech starts and introduce yourself to your room. This introduction can start long before the day of your speech thanks to today's new social media tools.

The details of how your give your speech have a big influence on how you speak. From what topic you pick, to your decision to either use or not use handouts, you are in control of how your audience experiences your next speech.

The most important thing that we need to do in order to become a better speaker is to make sure that every speech that we give has a clear point. This will happen when you know how to plan an effective speech.

This book will show you how to plan your speech in order to transform it into something that is even more powerful than it is today. We're going to show you how to find out what you should be doing and how to create a plan that will boost the impact of your speaking.

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