Yoga for Vitality

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Yoga for Vitality is a 60 minute guided session suitable for those with some knowledge of basic yoga postures. The session contains effective yoga postures and techniques that will boost your energy levels without fatiguing the body.
Yoga for Vitality includes yoga postures and techniques that will disperse stagnant energy and remove blockages in the energy zones so that your energy can flow freely to all areas of the body.
The session includes two different dancing warrior sequences, these focus on the connection between breath and movement and encourage the body and mind to feel refreshed and recharged. At the end of the session the closing postures will deeply relax your body and mind and leave you with an increased sense of health and well-being. The session is accompanied by a PDF guide booklet that highlights the instructions and gives a series of reference photos for each yoga posture and technique featured.
Yoga for Vitality is devised and instructed by Sue Fuller and was recorded in a professional sound studio. Sue is a leading yoga and relaxation teacher, writer and training course author. Sue has studied and taught yoga, meditation and relaxation around the world since 1995. She writes a monthly feature for the Yoga magazine and is the resident yoga expert for Natural Health magazine.