Gentle Yoga for Mindfulness

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Gentle Yoga for Mindfulness is an easy to follow 35 minute session that combines a series of easy to follow gentle floor based yoga postures with the practice of mindfulness.
The Gentle Yoga for Mindfulness session has been created to provide an opportunity to develop mindfulness whilst practicing yoga. Mindfulness is easy to do it involves paying complete attention to the present moment without passing judgment or becoming distracted by other thoughts, feelings or sensations. Being mindful of what we are doing and fully engaging in the present moment increases satisfaction and can lead to increased levels of joy. Practicing yoga mindfully will bring greater benefits, by allowing us to tune into the body and become fully aware of each posture performed.
This class is easy to follow it is suitable for beginners of both mindfulness and yoga, and provides a moving mindful meditation, bringing all of the benefits of yoga and mindfulness into one 35 minute session.
The Gentle Yoga for Mindfulness session is devised and instructed by Sue Fuller. Sue is the resident yoga expert for Natural Health Magazine and is a leading yoga teacher, writer and training course author who has taught yoga around the world since 1995. Sue has developed a method of clearly instructing specifically for audio classes and recorded these sessions in a professional recording studio.