Brushing Flesh A Collection of Four Erotic Stories

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A collection of four erotic stories which include menage, paranormal and crime themes.

Brushing Flesh by J. Carron
Someone has stolen some erotic paintings worth a fortune and it’s up to Claire and her partner to solve the mystery by posing as a married couple of avid art collectors. But when the alluring artist, Marcus – a prime suspect – asks to draw her, she finds herself unable to decline...

Flying by Paige Roberts
It isn’t easy being a vampire. Though if there was one part which she’d forever cherish, it was being able to fly. Well that and the ability to ensnare any beast or man with a single touch. The rancher thinks he’s safe but can he resist her wiles?

Night on a Bare Mountain by Roz MacLeod
Steve and Tess have tried everything to kickstart their libidos, all to no avail. This holiday to rural Dorset is the last resort. When one of the locals speaks of the ancient sexual rites that used to go on up on the mysterious Bald Mount, the couple think they’ve found their answer...

Mermaid by Moonlight by Alex de Kok
Charlie and Sally have grown up together, but he has only ever seen her as a good friend. But while on a late-night boat trip in the bay, he catches his childhood friend swimming in the moonlight and can’t help but see her in a whole new light...